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Our future needs a break in
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“Connect Talent”2018

The Pays de la Loire is experiencing a powerful growth phase both demographically and socio-economically. In order to consolidate this dynamic in a sustainable manner, our region is prioritizing development of research.

Having learned from our solid experience in terms of hosting innovative projects in the region and relying on a rich and mature ecosystem, it is now time for us to welcome new talents. “Connect Talent” is the name of this ambitious programme that will thus enable our region to maintain its characteristic lead.

for applications

An international callfor applications

“Connect Talent” aims to welcome and support world-class researchers, alone or with a team, to a laboratory in the Pays de la Loire region.

A word-class researcher means a leading scientist with unquestioned recognition : quality of scientific production, number of citations, international openness or distinctions.

for tomorrow

Projectsfor tomorrow

“Connect Talent” seeks to attract technological or scientific breakthrough projects with unquestionable social and economic impact.

The call for applications is open to all scientific disciplines. Special attention will be paid to projects that will accelerate the development of an existing dynamic in the region, notably in the fields of production technologies, healthcare, the sea, plants, foodstuffs, as well as cross-cutting topics in digital technologies, electronics and the human and social sciences.

Criterion n°1

Quality and ambition

High academic level of the applicant: quality of scientific production, distinctions (from the European Research Council, for example), number of citations and scope of existing collaborations.

Ambition of the project: importance of the scientific challenge, risk-taking, progress in knowledge in relation to the current state of the art, interdisciplinary contributions, etc.

Criterion n°2

Added value
and impacts

Acceleration of the scientific and technological dynamic in the Pays de la Loire region.

Academic, social and economic impact, particularly with the creation of new collaborations with scientific and industrial structures.

Added values in terms of international attractiveness for the region.

Criterion n°3

Economic sizing of the project: cost, methods of regional support and planned partnership.

Feasibility of the project: general organization, governance, schedule, technical and human resources, collaborations, etc.


Deadline for application : Monday, October 1st 2018 - 12 pm


1. Read here the text of the call for applications presenting the aims of "Connect Talent", the calendar, the process of selection and the evaluation criteria retained

2. Find here a laboratory and contact a host institution

3. Download here the application document

All proposals must be submitted on Regional Aid Portal.

Important informations :

  • The application document must be filled in by the applicant. As it will be submitted to international experts, most of the sections must be completed in English.
  • The application must be sent by the institution that will be hosting the applicant. 
  • The file (Word or PDF format) must not exceed 30 pages and 4 MB.

For further information, you can contact the Region's services by e-mail: aap.recherche@ paysdelaloire.fr